What is electrolyzed anolyte water.

The key active ingredient is a naturally occurring molecule that is produced by the human body to fight invading bacteria and viruses. It mimics the body’s response to infection. Our Wound + Skin Solution and Nixall First Aid Solution is safe around the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Anolyte Water is produced by electrolyzing salt water in the anode chamber of an electrolytic cell. **Only Nixall Disinfectant/Sanitizer kills bacteria and virus

Most of the pathogens, particularly water born, develop resistance to Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) over time. Anolyte application, as water disinfectant on a daily basis for more than ten years, demonstrated that microorganisms do not develop a resistance to anolyte over time.

Nixall®, is not a bleach, making it environmentally friendly for fighting bacteria, viruses,and fungus. It kills by destroying the cell wall and the cell walls of the nucleus and the mitochondria, then oxidizing the DNA, RNA and the cytoplasm.

Nixall® Wound + Skin Solution an FDA cleared product list that includes burns, wound and skin care, and an atopic dermatitis treatment. This FDA list is growing in the fields of oral, cosmetic, and dermatology.

Efficacy (the capacity to produce an effect) studies performed with “near neutral” anolyte have shown that anolyte is up to 100 times more efficient against bacteria than bleach and testing performed by the U.S. Marine Corps confirmed that anthrax spores were killed immediately upon contact with anolyte.

Anolyte has been proven effective against a broad range of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, mycobacterium, viruses, yeasts, molds and spores. The method of killing unwanted microorganisms is accomplished through the physical destruction of the cell structure, bursting the cell’s membrane and disrupting the cell’s DNA. This type of lethal cell action does not allow the microorganisms to become “adaptive” to anolyte, forming resistant strains which can survive treatment. The same cannot be said for bleach and other traditional chemical biocides.

An electro-chemical activation is used to convert a 3 g/l (0.3%) to 7 g/l (0.7%) aqueous solution of sodium chloride into a safe, but powerful, natural biocide.

Sea water typically contains 27 g/l (2.7%) of sodium chloride and a typical IV drip administered in a hospital is about 9 g/l (0.9%), so the concentration of sodium chloride in the “brine” used to produce anolyte may be classified as a weak aqueous solution of sodium chloride.

Anolyte produced from a weak sodium chloride solution contains > 99.3% water, with the remaining solution being chloride salts and Hypochlorous Acid.

Anolyte generated at a near neutral pH contains mostly hypochlorous acid (92%). Anolyte achieves its efficacy against unwanted microorganisms with as little .01% hypochlorous acid.

Nixall® Disinfctant/Sanitizer is a powerful antimicrobial solution that is both biodegradable and non-accumulative. The key active ingredient, hypochlorous acid, is a naturally occurring molecule synthesized from an electrolyzed solution of water and salt.


Efficacy studies performed with "neutral" anolyte have shown that anolyte is up to 100 times more efficient against bacteria than bleach.

US Marine Corp test show that Anolyte Water kills anthrax spores immediately on contact.

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