July 12, 2016

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Nixall is Lending a Hand at Equi-Librium Therapy Center

Since 1995, Equi-Librium Therapy Center (ETC) has been serving children and adults with disabilities with several types of equine therapy. Because of the important work that ETC is doing, Nixall® is proud to support them and help them raise funds.

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June 07, 2016


Take the Sting Out of Summer with Nixall

Did you spend too much time outdoors over the weekend? Even on cloudy days the sun can wreak havoc on your skin – especially in the first weeks of summer. More than 3 million people in the US suffer from sunburn every year, and in these first hot days of the season, the numbers are high. To help heal and soothe stinging skin, it is important to begin treating sunburn as soon as you notice it. We can help. View full article →
May 24, 2016


Nixall Making a Difference at the Cookeville-Putnam County Animal Shelter

The Cookeville-Putnam County Animal Shelter’s (CPCAS) Adoption Outreach seeks to place all adoptable animals in loving, lifetime homes. While there are fantastic shelters just like this one all across the country, what makes CPCAS unique is their story. View full article →
May 04, 2016


Who's Your Kentucky Derby Pick? Enter to Win $100 Free Pick!

It’s almost Derby Day! Tell us who you think will win and why on Facebook. The post with the most likes gets $100 to throw down on their horse on Saturday at US Racing! View full article →
April 24, 2016


Nixall Providing Horse Owners A First Line Defense


When it comes to horses, there’s one thing that’s a given, and it’s that things happen. As most horse owners know, you can put some horses into a pasture with no holes or trees and perfect fencing and he can still injure himself. From scrapes and abrasions to cracked hooves and even abscesses, horse owners have to stay on their toes.

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April 12, 2016


Additional Kill Claims for Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer

Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer
Nixall®, a fast-growing brand of a new technology line of products for hospital, commercial, household, family, and animal wellness manufactured by Seriously Clean, Ltd., recently received notification from the EPA that their Disinfectant/Sanitizer product has added new kill claims of several important viruses, and yeast. View full article →
April 06, 2016



Smoken LegacyHorse racing. Amazing four-legged superstars stretched and trained to excel at their highest potential, and yet pampered and coddled as celebrities or pop culture icons. Treated in much the same way as Super Bowl or Olympic athletes, some of these high-powered thoroughbreds even have their own Facebook pages.

Horse racing is big business. Equine heroes such as American Pharoah collect earnings in the millions, but just like pro football or baseball, it’s not that easy to become a celebrity.

So what happens to horses that never break out of the gates to hold the lead, or that remain the long shot trailing the pack? Furthermore, what about those whose noses do cross the finish line out in front, yet still someday reach the end of a successful career? That’s what this story is all about.






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March 10, 2016


15 Everyday Uses for Nixall® Cleanser That Everyone Can Use

In the home

1. Wipe down counter tops and flat surfaces regularly for better cleanliness, and eliminate the invisible grime that travels in from purses, grocery bags, keys, mail and other items that are commonly placed there.

2. Put a cup of Nixall® Cleanser in your humidifier each time you refill. It will help keep all the parts within your humidifying unit clean, and help keep the air in your home cleaner as well.

3. Use Nixall® Cleanser to freshen laundry by adding a ¼ cup to the RINSE cycle. For best results add product to the second rinse cycle and avoid mixing with any other laundry product.

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March 04, 2016

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Maintaining Healthy Hands

Healthy HandsHand health is important.  Most people do not give their cuticles a second thought, when in fact, cuticles are an important part of maintaining healthy hands. Cuticles protect your nails from infections and other issues that could cause pain in your hands. Because they are a protective shield they should never be cut, and since they are primarily made of skin, it is important to keep them soft and moisturized. View full article →
February 10, 2016


What can I do to protect myself from Zika virus ?

We here at Nixall® are often asked, “What can I do about _____”. In recent days, that questions has centered around Zika. The news is full of stories about Zika virus and the adverse effects for pregnant women and their unborn children. The CDC has issued travel warnings and if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, please heed these warnings. If you are healthy, your body is well equipped to handle the effects of the virus. View full article →
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