15 Everyday Uses for Nixall® Cleanser That Everyone Can Use


    In the home

    1. Wipe down counter tops and flat surfaces regularly for better cleanliness, and eliminate the invisible grime that travels in from purses, grocery bags, keys, mail and other items that are commonly placed there.

    2. Put a cup of Nixall® Cleanser in your humidifier each time you refill. It will help keep all the parts within your humidifying unit clean, and help keep the air in your home cleaner as well.

    3. Use Nixall® Cleanser to freshen laundry by adding a ¼ cup to the RINSE cycle. For best results add product to the second rinse cycle and avoid mixing with any other laundry product.

    4. Spray your fruits and veggies, homegrown or store bought, and maintain that peace of mind knowing that those nutrient rich foods aren’t also rich in the unwanted grime from garden or grocers.



      5. Help yourself wake up in the early am with a light misted spray of Nixall® on your face each morning. It replaces that splash of cool water, and helps to hydrate your skin on a daily basis as well.
        6. Cleanse your hands and skin after garden work or any outdoor activity. It helps your skin look healthy and rehydrated so that your hands don’t resemble the dry cracked dirt of an unwatered flowerbed.


          ON THE GO

            on the go
            7. Carry a 2oz bottle of Nixall® Cleanser with you when travel. Spray it on your hands after using a public restroom, or moving through airports and public transit areas. You’ll feel cleaner, and you’ll be less likely to bring that ‘travel grime’ feeling home with you as your trip souvenir.
              8. Spray the car interior to remove smoke, dog, or other odors. It’s the next best thing to smelling like a new car, and is far more refreshing than those cheesy cardboard scents hanging from the rear view mirror.
                9. After eating lunch at your favorite fast food establishment, eliminate smelling as if you took a tour of their kitchen. Nixall® sprayed on clothing removes those fast food odors, and will not stain fabric or leather.


                  FOR YOUR PETS

                    dog beds
                    10. Spray the cat’s box daily for refreshing clean air in your home that has your guests commenting: “I didn’t know you had a cat”.

                    11. Spray the dog’s bedding and/or crate area. It not only helps keeps the slight aroma of ‘hound dog’ out of your house, but also keeps you or your family member’s allergies from barking.

                    cleaning tack12. If your ‘pet’ is equine in nature, then Nixall® Cleanser is ideal for the regular cleaning of water buckets to eliminate scum build-up, and is the perfect cleaner for tack and even dipping and cleaning bits.


                    FOR ALL ODORS

                      13. Keep Nixall® handy in the bathroom for quick cleanups and those unexpected odors that you certainly don’t want to leave for the next user.

                      14. Remove peculiar or stale odors from the refrigerator safely, and eliminate the rotten stench lingering from last week’s leftovers that morphed into a science experiment.

                      15. Use Nixall® in the kitchen or remainder the house to rid the air of the latest aroma of fried food, meat loaf, or onion that still greets you at the door two days after the latest cooking extravaganza.

                      Nixall Cleanser


                      USE AS DIRECTED:

                      If killing bacteria, germs or viruses is your goal then please upgrade to the Nixall® Disinfectant. Nixall® Disinfectant is EPA registered and kills labeled bacteria, germs and viruses and should only be used on surfaces or objects, not skin or face. For more on how to use Nixall® Disinfectant please follow labeled instructions.

                      Nixall® Cleanser can be used full strength or diluted. As a rule of thumb, Dilute Nixall® Cleanser 10 parts water to 1 part Nixall® Cleanser, a 10:1 ratio.

                      • Do not add to soaps or other products. Nixall® Cleanser’s unique formula works best by itself.
                      • Non-toxic and non-accumulating.
                      • Spray as often as you like.
                      • Nixall® Cleanser is a gluten free product.


                      Kelly Frey
                      Kelly Frey


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