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I have been a professional horseman for decades and have seen many products come and go. That said, I am not easy to impress. Nixall VetResponse Wound Solution and Nixall Wound & Skin Solution both definitely do impress me. I have used it on several horses, myself, my family and on cattle. - Greg Robinson

When it comes to horses, there’s one thing that’s a given, and it’s that things happen. As most horse owners know, you can put some horses into a pasture with no holes or trees and perfect fencing and he can still injure himself. From scrapes and abrasions to cracked hooves and even abscesses, horse owners have to stay on their toes.  

Horses seem to be especially talented at acquiring lacerations of all sizes and shapes on every imaginable area of their body. Untreated lacerations and puncture wounds can set the stage for infection, and abscesses.

Hoof care is also crucial when it comes to keeping horses healthy and sound, but is sometimes easier said than done. Some common hoof problems and diseases can happen to the healthiest horses. A hoof abscess is an infection inside the hoof. Horses suffering from an abscess will often be suddenly and severely lame, and some horses may have lameness that seems to come and go. 

Cracked heels are another common issue and are characterized by soreness and inflammation of the horse's heel and pastern, followed by the development of a sticky substance on the heel and the surrounding skin. After time, this sticky serum dries into a painful scab, which then cracks. This is a painful skin condition for the horse but rarely causes lameness.

Before calling in a vet, many horse owners are turning to Nixall VetResponse Wound + Skin Solution as their first line of defense. With the VetResponse line of products, they have the most effective and affordable wound management product in the world. Simply flushing and soaking an abscessed hoof every day in VetResponse Wound + Skin can have impressive results quickly. VetResponse Wound + Skin Solution can also be used for:

  • Hot spots and Skin Irritations
  • Post Surgical sites and Lacerations
  • Navel and Umbilical Cleaning
  • Debriding and Cleaning of Animal Wounds
  • Burns

And the best part? Nixall VetResponse Wound + Skin Care is:

  • Easy to Use with a one-Step, no-rinse application
  • No stinging
  • Incredible, quick results
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • No steroids or antibiotics
  • Safe for all animal species and all ages
  • Safe around eyes, ears, nose, and mouth 
  • And is HALF the price and three times stronger than the leading competitor

Some of our customers have found Nixall VetResponse to be their secret weapon when it comes to fighting daily battles on the farm. 

I use Nixall on my gelding for cuts and scrapes.Mercedez Dreas

At our barn, South Park Stables, I'm like the dad from my big fat Greek wedding...but instead if Windex® it's Nixall®. Scratch, put some Nixall on it; Itch, put some Nixall on it; Splinter put some Nixall on it.Holly Beech

I use Nixall on my horse’s legs. He gets dermatitis every winter.Hilary Lambert

I spray Nixall on my horse’s frogs after a trim to freshen them.Veronica Welch

One of the many ways we use Nixall is for bad eyes in yearlings. It works GREAT!Greg Robinson

I use Nixall on my farm – EVERYWHERE!Rhonda Heffner

I use Nixall on every scrape or cut, whether 2 legs or 4.Terri Martin

I use it on my little red horse, who is a retired racehorse. He gets very irritated skin when it rains, but Nixall clears it right up! I am so thankful for these products for keeping him healthy and happy!Sarah Coleman

Nixall® is making a difference in barns, pastures and racetracks nationwide and for a limited time if you enter promo code “RRP” at checkout, you’ll save 30% and Thoroughbred Racing Dudes and Nixall will give 6% back to the Retired Racehorse Project! Find out what a difference Nixall can make on your farm, place your order today!  

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