Babies and diaper rashIt's happened to every mom or dad out there during the infant and toddler years... Red irritated skin revealed upon diaper changing duties, or mysterious raised bumps that turn red and puffy. It certainly makes for a worried parent and unhappy infant! Thankfully, there's a paradigm shift going on regarding how moms can deal with this that doesn't have to include your traditional products; just plain Mother Nature doing her job through a bottle of Nixall® Wound+Skin.




When it comes to contaminants or irritants, a baby's soft skin is especially vulnerable. With a baby's bottom confined to a diaper much of the time, the skin is trapped in a warm moist environment that is germ susceptible. When a baby wets, urine changes the skin's pH levels, which allows bacteria and fungi to grow easily. Leak proof diapers add to the problem, as the diaper that prevents leakage, also prevents air circulation, creating a place where bacteria and fungi thrive.

Not all rashes are diaper rashes. Some babies suffer rashes due to skin allergies Babies and diaper rashresulting from contact with soaps, detergents or dyes. The type of material used in a baby’s outfit, or the friction created as it rubs against a baby's skin can be a rash culprit as well. In either case skin irritations that are scratched, rubbed or unattended to can cause the skin surface to be compromised or broken. When that occurs, fungi, bacteria and germs can migrate underneath the surface, causing a minor irritation to become more serious.



As Benjiman Frankin once said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Sometimes though, even with the best of preventative practices, you know what still happens.... particularly with babies! Invariably, all moms will deal with a diaper rash at some point in their parenting experience. So, when that time comes, what is the best remedy?

Traditional solutions include topical applications filled with steroids and other ingredients that sometimes make matters worse. Entire shelves of local pharmacies are filled with cortisone creams, anti-itch medication and other OTC symptom addressers. Outside that world though, lies some other alternatives which 'doctor moms', and even doctors themselves are recognizing as healthy options.  One of those options is Nixall® Wound+Skin, an FDA registered product, and part of the Nixall® Family Wellness line.


Nixall® shares some common threads with Mayo Clinic when it comes to diaper rash theory. Mayo Clinic's preventative measures include things like cleaning and drying your baby's bottom at each changing, letting oxygen get to the baby's skin by not over-tightening diapers, and even letting them go diaper-less for a short while. Each recommendation given by Mayo relates to cleanliness or air circulation, both of which are highly important points, and Nixall® Wound+Skin goes after them both.

Nixall® possesses hypochlorous acid, a molecule naturally produced by the human body's own immune system. What could be better for irritations than that? This unique spray-on liquid sets Nixall® Wound+Skin apart from the more synthetically produced products. Nixall® contains no steroids, no antibiotics, no alcohol and no harsh or stinging chemicals. It helps to keep the compromised area clean, and works to sooth the skin. Adding to Mayo's list of things like keeping diapers lose, and letting baby's run around for a bit with a bare bottom, we add, 'spray with Nixall® Wound+Skin daily'.


Because Nixall® Wound+Skin is non-cytotoxic it can be used as a daily skin solution, or to sooth and help manage irritations after the fact. Try using these Nixall® products in your daily diaper changing routine:

  • Spray Nixall® Wound+Skin on the baby's skin at each diaper changing. It will help rejuvenate skin, keep your baby cleaner, and clean skin means skin that is less susceptible to irritations or rashes.
  • Use Nixall® Cleanser to clean the changing table and all areas that your baby's skin comes into contact with.
  • Keep a small bottle of Nixall® Wound+Skin with you in the baby's diaper bag for when changing 'on the go'.



Nixall® Wound+Skin does have some success on it's resume, but the real proof is in what Nixall® users themselves are saying. Mom's, and even 'Doctor Mom's' are switching to Nixall® Wound+Skin. We've got their stories here as they describe how their experience with Nixall® Wound+Skin made them a product user for life, right from the very first spray! Try Nixall® Wound+Skin yourself for 25% OFF!  Just type in NIX25 at checkout, and let us know your story.



Read about more testimonies from Nixall® user's and see what they have to say about Nixall® Wound+Skin.


* The Nixall® Family of Products is not intended to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment or for professional medical advice. These products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary. See your doctor if you need medical attention.

Kelly Frey
Kelly Frey


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