Dog and Kitten on CouchAs part of the family, most households include a pet of some sort. It might have feathers or scales, but more than likely it’s a furry four legged friend in either the feline or canine division. And, just like other family members, pets have their ‘own room’, or ‘place’ so to speak. It might be the kennel and large round cedar bed for the dog, or the necessary litter box for the cat. Similarly, if your family pet flys, swims or crawls, it is most likely contained in a cage or glass tank. Regardless of the animal species in your life, most pets generally have ‘run of the house’ from time to time and, typically that can cause some unique smells. Basically, if it resides in your house, its own unique odor resides with it.

In today’s world pets are like children, so the ‘scent’ they carry, or the stale odor that lingers, doesn’t usually bother us too much. We get use to our ‘child-pet’ and its familiar odiferous signature, but when the in-laws or special guests decide to visit, Fido, Floppy Ears, or Miss Kitty need to leave the room and take their odor with him. Quite often however, even after they leave, that special aroma not only stays, but it also sits, refusing to play dead no matter how hard you beg.



So how do you please the in-laws without fumigating the house with some highly toxic chemical or fake smelling fragrance? It’s simple. It’s all in a bottle of Nixall®. With Nixall® Cleanser you can eliminate odors without harming the pets that produced them, or your house guests.

Wet smelly dogJust in case you’re the one that took the dogs out for a drive to avoid the in-laws altogether, Nixall® Cleanser is equally as effective in the car. If your pets travel with you quite frequently to the park or hunting field, Nixall® Cleanser is a must for not just the usual dog odors, but that tough to shake ‘wet dog ‘ smell as well!



Nixall®’s Cleanser contains a natural solution of hypochlorous acid in a saline solution, and it eliminates odors by oxidation. How’s that for a mouthful? You can read more about hypochlorous acid and the science behind how it works on your own, but just so you know how it eliminates the unwanted odors of your house, we’ve got one simple analogy. A balloon. Nixall® Cleanser “disassembles” smelly odors by changing the molecules that create them, essentially causing the odor to fall apart. It’s like sticking a needle into a balloon. The balloon pops with no hope for re-inflation.


Nixall® Cleanser comes in gallon sizes and quart sprayers. Just spray the litter box, dog bed, bird cage or crate. Spray generously around the room and essentially those odors will ‘pop’. This also works for those 'special' gifts your beloved pet leaves for you to clean up, or the puddles from the youngest canine recruit of the family. It works on other unwanted bathroom or household smells as well, including Uncle Ralph’s cigar smoke. The bonus side is this: The elimination of odors by ‘dismantling’ means that you are in fact making the area cleaner, not just free of smells. For the actual killing of germs and labeled bacteria, even viruses, check out the Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer, and add that to your household disinfecting and sanitizing needs as well.



Is Nixall® Cleanser safe to use around a house full of kids, pets, and family members? The answer is “YES”! Nixall® Cleanser contains no harmful harsh chemicals, no alcohols, or VOCs. It contains no phenols, or ammonias. This is a new technology based on the same chemistry that occurs in the immune systems of mammals. Nixall® Cleanser will not harm eyes, noses, throats or skin. Nixall® Cleanser does not require any protective equipment, and is environmentally safe as well – truly a ‘green’ product. We do assume however, that you have enough common sense to follow labeled instructions, and to NOT drink the entire bottle with dinner. So, if you’re not good with common sense or the obvious, follow the directions on the bottle, keep out of the reach of children, be kind to your neighbors and tolerate your in-laws.

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Kelly Frey
Kelly Frey


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Barbara owens
Barbara owens

October 26, 2015

Great article. .loved the humor .Amazing how many problems this technology can safely solve.

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