Wound and Skin first-aidNixall® Wound+Skin. A natural product that helps clean 'ouch-ees' and accelerate healing, this new product is a must for wound care and skin management. If you’ve never heard of Nixall® before though, you might have questions like: Does Nixall® really work? Does Nixall® have any FDA approvals or doctor endorsements? Is it truly an effective product that yields results rather than just another bottle out there on the market? Well, we’re glad you asked……


For starters, did you know that Nixall® Wound+Skin Solution is available in prescription strength Rx and is used by physicians and hospitals as a wound care solution? Cleared by the FDA in the category of a 510(k) medical device, Nixall® Wound+Skin Rx is used for the management of diabetic wounds, stasis wounds (bedsores), first and second degree burns and a number of other skin needs. Cleared for use in hospitals, doctors’ offices and for use by all licensed healthcare professionals, this professional use product creates a clean healing environment for serious wounds that require a doctor’s supervision and direction. Chronic wound sufferers and doctors know the value of pro-active wound care, and the value of a clean, uncontaminated open sore or wound bed. Nixall® Wound+Skin Rx is utilized to address these very important wound care issues.

Most chronic wounds are related to diabetes mellitus, peripheral vascular disease, or pressure ulcerations. An open wound is a favorable place for bacterial colonization and infection. Infection starts with contamination, followed by colonization. Biofilms may also develop and interfere with the natural responses of our immune system, and may cause increased resistance to antibiotics. A clean wound is not just a good idea it is a necessity, and that’s where Nixall® Wound+Skin Rx makes a vital contribution to wound care and wound management.

Wound and Skin first-aidDoctors use Nixall® Wound+Skin Rx to manage the unique needs of diabetic wounds, post-surgical wounds, skin grafts, and donor sites by creating a ultra clean wound bed without harming healthy cells and tissues. The unique chemistry of Nixall® products provides a non-necrotic, non-sensitizing, non-accumulating medical solution that has been shown to be beneficial to the patient, and improves the healing process.




Nixall® also offers an over the counter (OTC), version of this wonderful product that can be used in the home. It is also a cleared FDA medical device, and is the ‘go to’ product for minor cuts and abrasions, minor burns, and all simple injuries to the skin that happen in everyday life. Like its big brother the Nixall® Wound and Skin Rx, the OTC solution also helps clean a fresh or open wound, and helps accelerate the healing process.

Parents should make Nixall® Wound + Skin Solution OTC a permanent part of their home first- aid kit for all the minor ‘boo boos’ that come with childhood, and for those artful tattoos that come with adulthood. Great for bug bites, plant rashes and over exposed skin as well.


If you would like more information, or want to dig a bit deeper into the science of Nixall's principle ingredient, exercise your brain on one of the latest studies done by Wound Research, or check out the summary for HOCl. Better yet, order a bottle of the OTC version for yourself and test it on your own daily skin needs.While your there, check out the VetResponse® line for you furry friends as well. Nixall® always provides FREE shipping, and, for a limited time, is offering 25% (discount code: NIX25) at checkout for a limited time!



Kelly Frey
Kelly Frey


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