FingerNixall’s Wound+Skin product works to clean all minor cuts, scrapes wounds and skin irritations, as well as helping to accelerate the healing process, through the principle ingredient of hypochlorous acid. Recognized as a wound care agent among many in the medical field for several years, hypochlorous acid is making its way out into the public in the form of a wound management OTC solution. Nixall® Wound+Skin OTC is one of those products, formulated for use in the home to address issues involving any minor wound, burn or skin irritation. Pictured above on the left is a blister, photographed before using Nixall® Wound + Skin. Upon applying Nixall® Wound + Skin several times over 24 hour period, the blister disappeared, as can be seen by the picture on the right.



Hypochlorous acid in nature is found in our very own bodies, and is a substance produced by the white blood cells in response to wounds or infection. The hypochlorous acid found in Nixall® Wound + Skin is a formulated version of that same substance. Stabilized in a saline solution, Nixall® Wound +Skin simply helps to accelerate the healing process of minor wounds, cuts, burns and abrasions.


Take a look at what Ostomy Wound Management or OWM has to say about hypochlorous acid and it’s benefits as a wound management solution as used by doctors, physicians and surgeons per the article featured here entitled Hypochlorous Acid: It's multiple Uses for Wound Care.


“In today’s medical environment, it is necessary to get the most out of the products we have at hand. When we can find a tool that can be utilized in many ways and still be cost effective, we need to take advantage of it. One such product is hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Although basically a wound cleanser, we have utilized it in our practice for much broader indications." 





Hypochlorous acid used for wound healingNixall® formulates both an RX and OTC version of Wound+Skin utilizing the hypochlorous acid ingredient. The proven nature of hypochlorous acid as used by doctors and physicians makes Nixall® Wound + Skin OTC ideal for use in the home. Keep Nixall® on hand as a regular skin management solution!






Uses for Nixall® Wound+Skin include:

  • Minor burns.  Keep this in the kitchen for minor cooking burns and for you ladies in the bathroom when that curling iron attacks you!
  • Poison plant irritations and minor rashes.
  • Minor sunburns or windburns.
  • Improve appearance, texture, and feel of dry flaky skin. Great product to use regularly in the dry winter air.
  • Bug and insect bites to reduce the redness and 'stinging' feel.
  • Minor cuts and abrasions for soothing relief.
  • Flushing and/or cleaning a fresh cut or wound bed. Does not sting!
  • Use on all intact skin, head to toe. Nixall® Wound + Skin moistens and manages all skin when used regularly.




* Nixall® does not claim to heal, treat or cure any disease, or injury. Nixall's OTC Wound+Skin solution is a hypochlorous acid solution to be used in the home, as directed on the label and should not be used in place of medical advice.





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