What can I do to protect myself from Zika virus ?

We here at Nixall® are often asked, “What can I do about _____”. In recent days, that questions has centered around Zika. The news is full of stories about Zika virus and the adverse effects for pregnant women and their unborn children. The CDC has issued travel warnings and if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, please heed these warnings. If you are healthy, your body is well equipped to handle the effects of the virus.

The CDC has said that most people will show no signs of infection and will develop lifetime immunity to Zika after the disease has run its course. The CDC also reported that wide spread outbreak in the U.S. is not likely, because Zika virus appears to be tropical and requires warmer climates. This is good news for most of us, but our southern states should be wary.

MosquitoThe major vector for spreading Zika is mosquitoes; other sources can include blood transfusions and sexual transmission. The CDC is working on perfecting blood screening tests to protect the blood supply used by hospitals for transfusions and surgeries, as well as a vaccine for immunity. However, these blood tests and the vaccine are still in the developmental stages.


So what can you do to be pro-active?

  • If you are pregnant, do not travel to countries listed by the CDC and the State Department as having Zika virus. If you have tickets bought, check with your carrier, many are offering refunds or other accommodations. Zika virus is most dangerous to unborn children, causing catastrophic birth defects.
  • Cover exposed skin and use insect repellant. There are several effective brands on the market, most work better out of the can; do not forget to apply.
  • Wear light colored clothing and not dark colors, mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors.
  • Mosquito traps. If you live around water, you may want to invest in a mosquito trap. The devices produce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) attract the mosquito and kill it. Great for the yard or campsite. The downside is these traps can be expensive and they use propane. Follow this link for an example of this type of machine:  
  • Homemade Mosquito Traps can be made from two-liter soda bottles, sugar water, and yeast. Follow this link for instructions.  These work well, but keep them at least 30 feet away from your party. The trap attracts mosquitoes, and having them too close is not a good idea.

So the last word is, Zika virus is a nasty bug that is very harmful to pregnant women and their unborn children, and travel to infected countries should be avoided if possible.

Otherwise, using simple anti-mosquito techniques should keep you safe. Oh, and use Nixall® First Aid Solution for all of your bug bites and skin irritations. Nixall® First Aid is a natural solution to itchy bug bites, and Nixall® Family of Products provide a way for cleaning and protecting your personal, as well as outside environment.

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