I have a German shepherd, SPIRIT, and he would constantly chew at his back side where the tail is attached to the body, finally it got so bad he would literally run back and forth because he was itching so badly, and it was starting to physically hurting him, he bled so bad from that wound.

The vet wanted to treat this steroids and tizanadine which never helped. One day I went to buy his food at ALL PET SUPPLY. I was casually talking about this problem my dog had and that my house was smeared with the blood of my dogs wound, but what I was concerned about the most is that "My dog was hurting" and I didn't know how to help him. Well they sold me an 8 oz bottle of Nixall VetResponse Wound and Skin Solution and I still have a half of that bottle but the wound and the itching has stopped. We still spray him in that infected area every day, his hair has grown back in that area and whatever bacteria that was causing this unbelievable itching is now under control...I will be buying another bottle soon .........Thank you Nixall...and my dog SPIRIT thanks you too!!!

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