"I'm an office manager and fairly new to LifeWorks Integrated Health, where the doctors and staff members all believe in natural healing (usually pertaining to the inside of our bodies).  Dr. Matt has carried Nixall Wound and Skin OTC for a while, and I never understood what the purpose of it was until last week.  

I burned my arm with my hot iron on a Friday evening.  It made a HUGE burn, so what do I naturally go to first?  Triple antibiotic ointment and burn spray.  All weekend, doused it with the two items but on Monday morning the burn on my arm was full of puss, swollen and red.  It looked horrible and was getting infected. (I wish I would have taken a picture then!) 

Dr. Matt told me to spray Nixall Wound and Skin OTC on it, and keep it moist.  I was very skeptical about spraying it on my wound, so, I kept on applying and reapplying via saturated gauze (I used cotton balls a first - just make sure you re-saturate it before removing - so it doesn't remove any new cells!!)  That first day - the Monday afternoon, the redness and swelling went down and then as the week progressed I saw my burn healing.  

I am about 2 weeks into my burn and I can't be happier. I really can't believe the Nixall Wound and Skin OTC helped!!  But it did!  It healed nicely! I have now started using it on bug bites, scratches and even small blemishes!  THANKS NIXALL WOUND AND SKIN OTC!!"

~Jewel Westwood, Office Manager Lifeworks Integrative Health

Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas


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