Molly, a pet eweling sheep was just over 1 year of age. A bobcat attacked her one night and what we saw the next morning was very traumatic.


The cat, with its claw took out a big chunk out of the left center loin area and then laid open the flesh in a strip down her side about 4 inches wide by 18 inches long.

The predator also, chewed on the right side of her behind. The vet said she would die of infection, but we cleaned the side with Vet Response and he stitched it up leaving a wick in the wound area with a hole at the top and bottom so would could flush the wound with Vet Response. Also we sprayed the wound on the behind 3 times a day.

After 3 days we had to take the wick out as it was healing very quickly. After 30 days every area was more than 95% healed and hair was starting to grow back. Our vet was totally amazed.
Your product saved our Molly.

Thank you so much. ~ Jackie G

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Guest Blogger


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