"My 5 week old baby got a diaper rash that turned into a yeast infection after using a prescribed cream. I started using Nixall® and in 36 hours it was completely gone."


"My baby had severe diaper rash. I had taken him to the doctor and they had prescribed a prescription drug and it did not work. I tried Monostat. I had tried everything and then Jill with Nixall® walked into the marina. She gave me a sample of the Nixall® and said it will work on your diaper rash. She was right. Within 24 hours my baby is great. Thank you Nixall®, most amazing product I have ever seen."

Diaper rashDiaper rash



Premature baby and health solutions

"Ellie was born a micro-premie baby in April, weighing 1lb 7oz. She has numerous health issues and skin sensitivities. Nixall® is the only thing I can use on her skin that she doesn't react to." 



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Guest Blogger


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