Nixall VetResponse Grooming Odors Even Removed Skunk Odor

Grooming SolutionWith two furry pets in our lives, it never fails that something is bound to happen.  Many of you have read the adventures of #OhMarlin, our Chinook dog over the years.  His many adventures rival that of Marmaduke and Snoopy.  Well, he has had yet another adventure with wildlife and this one was by no means fun.  Marlin met Pepe this past weekend – as in Pepe le Pew – yes SKUNK!

DSC_0024Not only could I not stand the smell, neither could he and #OhMarlin proceeded to rub himself in the grass to the point that I had to body wrestle him to get him into the apartment.  He stunk and he was dirty.  Nixall to the rescue with their A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Grooming Solution spray.  It removed the skunk odor, moisturized and cleaned the dog all in two applications.  Yes, two applications, that is how heavily the dog got doused by the SKUNK!

Am I a fan and is there now a bottle kept in our house at all times – you bet.  This isn’t the only product by Nixall that has us head over heals for this product.  They also make a Wound + Skin Solution which we keep in the tack locker for Skid, our horse.  He’s always out running in the field and he plays as hard as he trains – HARD.

Wound and Skin SolutionIt never fails that he has a scratch or a scrape here or there and the First Aid Solution works wonders.  Being a white horse, scratches and scrapes are super apparent on his flesh and this solution helps to calm down the irritation quickly.

In all transparency, Seriously Clean Ltd, maker of Nixall sent me samples of their product.  I had opened the envelope a few weeks ago and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them.  Thanks to #OhMarlin and Skid, they provided the perfect tests.  What’s next with this product line you may ask – well, we are going to take a look at their cleanser and their first aid solution for people.  I have no doubt these will become staples in our home too.

From the Manufacturer:

ANIMAL WELLNESS is why Nixall® created the VETRESPONSE® line of products. From the TLC given to a frisky litter of new kittens, to the more immediate care of a horse’s wound, VETRESPONSE® Wound & Skin is for animals of all types;  dogs, cats, horses, livestock, birds and rabbits, just to name a few! Additionally, Nixall VETREPSPONSE® Skin Coat & Grooming maintains that sought after healthy skin, beautiful coat, and soft fur that keeps your pet looking healthy and feeling smooth! Nixall® takes your animal’s health one step further, addressing the cleanliness of litter boxes, dog beds, stalls and cages. Nixall® Disinfectant is EPA registered for killing labeled germs, bacteria, viruses and more. It is a must have product for keeping your pet safe from contaminants in their own ‘home’, and keeping you safe from the odor residing there as well! Use the Nixall® Disinfectant and the Nixall VETRESPONSE® line to address the continual health management of the animals under your care!