Genevieve Munson - On Course to the Olympics

Nixall and GenevieveAt age twelve, Genevieve Munson from Roger's Arkansas is the youngest rider in the saddle for team USA's Nation's Cup Children's Show Jumping Competition in South Florida. With only four riders selected, Genevieve's spot on the team is an accomplishment in and of itself, not to mention the fact that she is only age 12. Having competed since she was four, however, Genevieve has successfully moved through the top of the ranks as the youngest rider throughout her evolving show jumping career, so riding with the Nation's Cup as USA's youngest rider, is familiar territory for her.

In the 2014 US National Pony Jumper Championships, Genevieve and her pony Bluebell won the  event with a perfect score of zero faults after three challenging rounds amongst 46 other competitors, and one 'jump-off' round against 19 finalists. Genevieve, was 10 years old at that time, and was the youngest rider to accomplish such a 'zero faults' victory at the Pony Jumper Championships.

The following year, in 2015, the US Pony Jumper Championships was  Genevieve's last competition with Bluebell. They completed their last competition together finishing 8th amongst a strong experienced field of older riders, and then Genevieve went straight into training for the Nation's Cup, qualifying on board 16 hand warmbloods and larger.

Now ranked in the top three among children riders, and the number one ranked twelve year old in the nation, Genevieve and her mounts are making giant strides over the course of obstacles in route to her 2024 Olympic goal.

Genevieve Munson


Munson, her training facility, and her entire pony club team use the Nixall® Vet Response product on a daily basis, and Nixall® enthusiastically supports Genevieve, her team and their horses. Stay tuned as Nixall® follows Genevieve on her journey towards an Olympic goal!

You can learn more about Genevieve's story here, or if you happen to reside in Roger's Arkansas, catch some riding lessons yourself at Genevieve's family barn and training facility, the Roger's Equestrian Center!


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