Animal Wellness

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Nixall® VETRESPONSE® Wound & Skin

From the TLC given to a frisky litter of new kittens, to the more immediate care of a dog or horse's wound, VetResponse® Wound and Skin is for animals of all types;  dogs, cats, horses, livestock, birds and rabbits, just to name a few! Use this product for any minor rash, wound or skin irritation. It isn't harmful for your pet's skin and it is even safe around eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Nixall® VETRESPONSE® Wound & Skin Gel

VetResponse® Wound and Skin Gel is a thicker version of our popular Liquid Wound formula. This gel can be used to help protect a wound bed from dirt and soothes the wound area.  A great addition to any wound care management program, Nixall® VetResponse® Wound and Skin Gel may be used for cuts and lacerations, burns, blisters and all skin irritations. All of this is accomplished without using antibiotics, steroids, or alcohol. Safe to lick and safe to use around the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Your pet will love it.

Nixall® VETRESPONSE® Skin Coat & Grooming

Maintain that sought after healthy skin, beautiful coat, and soft fur that keeps your pet looking healthy and feeling smooth! This product is a must for all show horses, and prized pets in the show ring. If you're a groomer, DIY or professional, this will quickly become one of your favorite products to apply after a bath while drying!

Nixall® VETRESPONSE® Poultry and Avian Care

Do you have backyard chickens, a 4-H show you want to win? If your poultry is more than just livestock, you need Nixall® Poultry Care. The solution for your chicken, duck or turkey that can’t stay out of trouble. Spray on foot injuries, skin issues, and pecking sores. Safe for use around the eyes, ears and nose. Nixall® Poultry Care will help with skin and feather care.

Nixall® VETRESPONSE® Eye & Ear Wash

Nothing is more annoying to your pet than itchy eyes or ears, and nothing is more delicate than the eyes and ears of your pet.  Nixall® Eye & Ear Wash gently washes away dirt and debris. Soothing to your pets eye and relieves the symptoms of “Itchy.” Nixall’s VetResponse® Eye and Ear Wash will help with most issues.  The "No Sting" formula will make you a hero in your pet’s eyes, and it will remove tear stains too.

Nixall® VETRESPONSE® Multi-Purpose Spray

This product is designed for the rancher, farmer and farriers.  Hoof care requires special attention. Abscesses and cracked heels can lead to very serious problems if not attended to promptly. VetResponse® Multi-Purpose Spray is just what the doctor ordered. Veterinarians love Nixall® VetResponse® products for their versatility and effectiveness. Multi-Purpose Spray can also be used on the Umbilical site, teats, and udders. Large animals, just like pets, benefit from our no sting and non-irritating products; Nixall® VetResponse® gives you the ability to help your animals between visits to the Vet. 

Nixall® Pet & Home Deodorizer

Pets can smell and those smelly pets can make your home STINK. Litter boxes, your dog’s wet fur, the skunk that dropped by last night all can give your castle a special ambiance usually reserved for Halloween.  Nixall® Pet & Home Deodorizer destroys odors on contact.  Even the toughest kennel smells, the strongest cigar smoke, or the smells of rotted meat are eliminated. Safe for skin contact for pets and humans, will not harm lungs or eyes, contains no VOCs or Alcohol. Does not mask odors!

Nixall® Disinfectant

EPA registered for killing labeled germs, bacteria, viruses and more. It is a must have product for keeping your pet safe from contaminants in their own 'home', and keeping you safe from the odor residing there as well! See kill claims here.

Nixall® Cleanser

Nixall® Cleanser is your daily cleaning product, addressing the cleanliness of litter boxes, dog beds, stalls, crates and cages. Nixall® Cleanser eliminates odors too, leaving a fresh crisp clean air smell! Use it daily without the fear of any harmful chemicals or residues endangering your pet or family members. 

Nixall VETRESPONSE® for continual health management of all the animals under your care!