VetResponse® Wound + Skin Solution


The choice of animal experts for wound management

VETRESPONSE® line of products offers to you the pet lover and livestock owner, the most effective and affordable wound management product in the world. We have done this with an easy to use, one-step, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly solution.

Use VETRESPONSE® Wound + Skin Solution for:

  • For Skin Irritations
  • Post Surgical sites and Lacerations
  • Navel and Umbilical Cleaning
  • Debriding and Cleaning of Animal Wounds
  • Burns
  • Helps Accelerate Healing

Why you need Nixall® VETRESPONSE® Wound + Skin Care:

  • Easy to Use
  • One-Step, no-rinse application
  • One product for all your needs – Saves Money
  • Save on vet visits – no stress to your pet
  • No stinging
  • Incredible, quick results
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
  • No steroids or antibiotics
  • Safe for all animal species and all ages
  • Safe around eyes, ears, nose, and mouth
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • Has a shelf life of 18 months
  • Did we say it works

Nixall VetResponse Horse Injury

Nixall VetResponse Horse Chest

"A couple months ago my cat came home with an injury on her back. Thank goodness for having Nixall Vet Response on hand! Sprayed the wound daily and it healed amazing! The first photo isn't day 1, it's just the first day she would let me touch the area enough to see it. Another reason having a spray is great! Just dosed the area where it was."

~Samantha F.

Nixall VetResponse Cat Injury

"I wanted to share with you our latest Nixall success story. We have a horse at the rescue named Sir Taypot and he had an injury on his right hip that got quite infected. It developed a large abscess. Our vet was called in and he lanced it and put Taypot on antibiotics. He also told us he expected the skin to slough off. The wound was cleaned daily and sprayed with Nixall Wound and Skin Solution. A week later Sir Taypot was rechecked by our vet and he was amazed at how well the wound was healing and that the skin showed no signs of sloughing off."

~Patty C., MidAtlantic Horse Rescue

Thoroughbred Rescue Farm Success Story


David Castello Cutting horses

"After 30 years in the horse business training and showing, I have tried every kind of wound sprays, creams, gels, you name it i have tried it. But nothing compares to Nixall VetResponse Wound and Skin Solution, it works without a doubt from my horses to my working dogs. It's taken technology and progress, but we finally have a product I that cannot be without in my barn."

~David Costello

Brad Barkemeyer Cutting horses

"Nixall VetResponse exceeded my expectations especially with how effective it was on scratches on my horses. The best part about it is with Nixall Disinfectant we can disinfect anything, tack, buckets, stalls, trailers etc with no worries of harsh chemicals."

~Brad Barkemeyer

Andrew Coates Cutting horses

"We use the Nixall product line everyday on our horses, facility, home, and ourselves. Nixall VetResponse Wound and Skin Solution is our first and only choice for treatment of wounds and any skin irritations on our horses and for cleaning and sanitizing our tack and facility we use Nixall Disinfectant."

~Andrew Coates NCHA $600,000+ Earner

"We have no idea how our horse Frtiz got this cut, but after cleaning then soaking gauze with Vet Response and laying it on his cuts we noticed improvement after just a couple of days. We didn't know how bad it was going to be around the eye. After 4 weeks it was mostly healed and hair was starting to grow back. We didn't take a (the second) picture till about 7 weeks later but you can see how it all looks." 

~Donna H.


Horse cut. Wound on face.Horse cut. Wound healed with Nixall.


This black lab was bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider. The owner used VETRESPONSE® to treat the wound. The pictures tell the story.

Brown Recluse SpiderBrown Recluse Spider Bite on dogBrown Recluse Spider Bite on dogBrown Recluse Spider treatmentBrown Recluse Spider healed with NixallBrown Recluse Spider treatment
Not familiar with what a Brown Recluse Spider bite normally does, or how bad it actually is?

Once you understand the severity of the bite, you will see what an amazing result this owner got with VETRESPONSE® when compared to a "normal" outcome of a Brown Recluse bite!

"Two of my dogs were bit by a rattlesnake. My little dog was bit multiple times in the same area right above her foot. The whole area was black and we thought she may lose her foot. I applied nixall everyday and within days I couldn't believe how much she had healed and how much of the black had gone away!!! Nixall may have saved my puppies lives or at least healed them much faster so they didn't have as much pain!!!"


"My neighbor has been battling a nasty skin rash on her dogs belly for months. Her Vet has tried everything and said there isn’t much else he could do for her. I gave her half of my last bottle of wound and skin solution and I told her to continue the pills the Vet gave her but only to spray the dogs belly with the Nixall and within one day the skin began to heal and this is after months of agony for the poor dog. I wish I had been aware of all this earlier but I wasn’t. It’s now about a week later and the skin is almost completely healed. She has sprayed the area at least three times a day. She is going to show her Vet the bottle and hope he realizes it’s effectiveness. Thank you for all your products and I wish you would do more advertising."

~Joal B.

"Nixall is highly recommended by Missouri German Shepherd Rescue. We are probably on bottle 5 or 6. This has prevented so many vet visits! I even suggested this to my sister in the Chicago area. It's good stuff :-)"

~Ann T.

"We have used this product since it became available in Missouri. We have horse, cows, and of course cats and dogs. It works!"

~David A.

"We love this product and use it on all our critters anywhere on their bodies."

~Lavenia S.

"I got your products in a timely manner. 
We use it on pet wounds."

~Michael M.

"Thanks for all you have done for me and my family."

~Mike S.

"Love it. I use it most on my dogs and send the first aid with my husband when he is at work. I love that it can be used multiple ways so you don't need to carry a bunch of different products."

~Rachel B.

"I use this for everything from wounds to clean my dogs ears it's the first thing I grab if something is going on great product!"

~Veronica W.

"We use Nixall everyday in our stables for multiple things! Spray for cuts and scrapes, grooming stinky coats and tails, etc... The uses are endless!!!"

~Shannon L., Head Trainer/Instructor at South Park Stables

"You are Lexie's new favorite product. Reba Dean (Lex's horse) was getting that scabby yuk on the front of her hind canon and in 3 days of Nixall VetResponse® Wound + Skin it was all gone!! She is singing your praises all through the barn. We were using it on her coat and it was nice, but it realy did it's thing on her legs. Thanks!!"

~Sandy D.

"After just 5 days of using Nixall VetResponse® Wound + Skin we love how it has worked!"

~Laura M.

"Five stars for the Nixall VetResponse Wound and Skin Solution! My horse, Little Star, had some wicked abscesses on hoof/coronary band and I used the wound cleanser twice daily. You can hardly tell she had any problems now!! We use the Nixall® Wound + Skin product for our skin problems and it's also great!"

~Pamela E.

"We were intoduced to your product by Missouri German Shepherd Rescue. We are volunteers. We have 3 of our own GSD's plus a long time foster GSD. Nixall helps the foster who had very bad case of mange when he 1st came into the program. He occasionally gets a spot or two. All we have to do is spray the spot about 3x a day and it starts to go away pretty quickly."

~Ann T.

How to use VETRESPONSE® Wound + Skin Solution

  • Use VETRESPONSE® to wash cuts and scrapes or any skin wound by generously spraying.
  • To wrap extremities: Soak gauze in VETRESPONSE® and wrap extremity firmly but not too tight.
  • When changing wrap, be sure the wrap is very moist to release adhesions, for a painless experience for your animal.
  • For best results spray often and generously.
  • For Hot spots and skin irritations,spray often.
  • Clean ears by gently wiping with a gauze pad.
  • For eye irritations spray directly into eye as needed.
  • Dogs with wrinkles, soak cotton ball with Nixall and wipe skin folds to remove the funk.
Consult your Veterinarian if condition does not improve in 7 days or accompanied by fever.

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