Family Wellness

Rock Climbing and Nixall


Nixall® First-Aid

Take Nixall® First-Aid with you so that when those cuts, scrapes and abrasions come, you can still enjoy life, and not have to sweat the small stuff. Nixall® First Aid is designed for all minor outdoor recreation skin issues, irritations, sunburns and small wounds. It is without harsh chemicals or toxic substances so you can feel good about using it on your entire family!

Nixall® Wound & Skin

If your travels are more of the urban type, then keep Nixall® Wound + Skin on hand for blisters and skin blemishes, minor rashes, sunburns and minor wounds. Similar to our First-Aid product but more for everyday use, because Wound + Skin can be sprayed regularly to improve skin texture and moisture content as well. This can also be used around eyes and mouth, and great for beautiful skin.

Nixall® Cleanser

Nixall® Cleanser is the everyday Nixall® product for the home - everything from pet areas to bathrooms, kitchens and really, the entire house. Use Nixall® Cleanser in your home's humidifier to clean the air as well!

Nixall® Pet & Home Deodorizer

Pets can smell and those smelly pets can make your home STINK. Litter boxes, your dog’s wet fur, the skunk that dropped by last night all can give your castle a special ambiance usually reserved for Halloween.  Nixall® Pet & Home Deodorizer destroys odors on contact.  Even the toughest kennel smells, the strongest cigar smoke, or the smells of rotted meat are eliminated. Safe for skin contact for pets and humans, will not harm lungs or eyes, contains no VOCs or Alcohol. Does not mask odors!

Nixall® Disinfectant

Nixall® Disinfectant is for all contaminated hard surfaces that need some sanitizing and disinfecting! From home, to outdoors, to everyday living, Nixall® Disinfectant is a hospital grade product that kills labeled pathogens including HIV, C-diff, MRSA just to name a few. See kill claims here.

Nixall® Family of Products is essential for your FAMILY'S WELLNESS!