Home Health

Nixall®  products are great for improving Home Health.


Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer 

Our EPA approved hospital disinfectant and is the only product we have that can make "KILL" claims.  This product is strong enough to Disinfect hospitals of antibiotic resistant MRSA, and CRE but safe enough to used at home. When you have to be certain, use Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer

Nixall® Cleanser

Great for everyday cleansing. This is your go to product to cleanse and deodorize your home. Economical and safe, Nixall®Cleanser and be diluted up to 10 part water to one Nixall® Cleanser for a variety of household uses.


One of our 510(K) FDA cleared medical devices for Over The Counter use. Perfect for the camping or fishing trip designed with the out of doors in mind.  Helps manage plant rashes, bug bites, Sun and Wind burns.

Nixall® Wound + Skin Solution 

Our other 510(k) FDA cleared medical device for Over the Counter use. Have a bottle of this product in your home's First Aid cabinet, for  cuts, scrapes, minor kitchen burns, skinned knees,and elbows. Soothing and non-stinging no household should be without it. 

Don't forget about your favorite pet !!


Products are formulated just for your pets and livestock. 

Nixall® VET RESPONSE® Wound + Skin Solution

For "hot spots", cuts, or any skin issues, The perfect solution for post surgery incision care and cleaning. Safe to lick and safe to use in a  wrap. Vet Response® is strong enough for the biggest Clydesdale Horse, yet safe enough for the smallest tea cup chihuahua. Always consult with your Veterinarian regarding more serious matters. Your Vet, is your pet's, other best friend.

Nixall® VET RESPONSE® SKIN + COAT Grooming Solution 

The perfect after bath solution for all washable pets. Clean shiny coats and NO wet dog smell, that's what you get with this fine product. If your pet likes to roll in the "stinkiest" place in the yard or worse yet collect "dead friends" be sure get the quart bottle. Try Nixall ® Skin + Coat Grooming Solution on skunk odor, you'll be glad you did!!!