Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer


A new generation disinfectant

Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer meets AOAC efficacy testing requirements for hospital disinfection and meets OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Guidelines

Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer is the only disinfectant with a hypochlorous acid active ingredient that kills multiple drug resistant bacterium. This clean smelling powerful disinfectant can be used in institutional facilities as well as your home.

  • Kills a wide range of bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus MRSA, Salmonella enterica, Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Kills multiple drug resistant bacterium
  • Virucide, Tuberculocide, Bactericide, Germicide
  • Kills Pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus (formerly called Swine Flu)
  • Kills Clostridium difficile (C. diff) spores
  • Kills HIV (Aids virus)
  • Kills Norovirus, Rhinovirus
  • Deodorizes by killing the bacteria that causes odors
  • Aids in the reduction of cross-contamination between treated surfaces
  • No alcohol, Phenol or VOC
  • Is safe and effective for waste water treatment and septic

Note: Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer has a 30 day shelf life.


"I use this stuff everywhere! Love it!"

~Kelli L.

"Amazing turn around!! Excellent service."

~David S.

"I am a mother of 2 young children and I have always hated the harsh mainstream chemicals advertised to clean. The smells were overwhelming and gave me headaches. Not to mention the research I did on the products I was using was extremely harmful! My mother told me about NIXALL and bought me a gallon. Its a light, clean smell that doesn't give me a headache but the main benefit is the non harmful cleaning power of the product. Im hooked on it. I even make little hand sanitizer spray bottles and keep them in my car and bag. I am the biggest cheerleader for this product and tell everyone about it. Not only does it keep their homes clean but their body safe from other harmful cleaners! Thank you NIXALL."

~Kori C.

"Won a bottle of disinfectant at a cat show. Number one thing I love about it is that there is very little odor as I have bad allergies to scents. I recommend Nixall all the time to individuals and business owners alike."

~Anna B.

"Used it for two years and works great."

~Robert B.

"I have used Nixall for 2 years now, NOTHING works better to safely disinfectant! I use it in my bathrooms, kitchen sink, cutting boards, a spray-bottle to disinfect hands, on my pets, on my family, you name it. I recommend it to everyone. The best, bar none!"

~Melanie S.

"We use Nixall everyday in our stables for multiple things such as using the disinfectant to scrub water buckets."

~Shannon L., Head Trainer/Instructor at South Park Stables

"I have used this in the course of our moving and have found many uses for it. Not only did I use it to sanitize both houses (the one we left and the one we moved to) but I also used it to take the smell out of some towels that inadvertently sat wet for a few days during the move. It is great at removing unwanted smells too!"

~Jennifer W.

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