Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer


A new generation disinfectant

Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer meets AOAC efficacy testing requirements for hospital disinfection and meets OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Guidelines

Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer is the only disinfectant with a hypochlorous acid active ingredient that kills multiple drug resistant bacterium. This clean smelling powerful disinfectant can be used in institutional facilities as well as your home.

Note: Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer has a 30 day shelf life. Or product must be diluted and, as an option, may be tested with chlorine test kit or chlorine test strips to adjust to desired chlorine level for sanitizing, deodorizing, and cleaning applications. 


"I have been giving my friends bottles of Nixall during COVID19 (I have been using it for years and years) and my daughter said 'Mom, you are saving the world one Nixall bottle at a time'."

~Susan D.


"Very pleased! A friend introduced me to this product as we were transitioning my mom from hospital to home. Excellent for disinfecting and deodorizing."

~Teresa P.

"Nixall® Disinfectant/Sanitizer is the BEST I have ever used! A little goes a long way! Because it is so concentrated, it is cheaper (and far more effective) than what I can buy in a retail store! Thank you to the genius who created such a quality product!"

~Mary B.

"Quality product that works very good, and getting it was fast!"

~Tonia E.

"I am very sensitive to cleaning and air fresheners, etc. Nixall I have no reactions with. Love it."

~Phyllis S.

"5-Stars! Have used product many years! Do not stop producing it!"

~Lynda S.

"Have experience with Ringworm in our household and Nixall sanitizer was the perfect way to safely sanitize and eliminate any chance of this horrible fungus to continue to live at my house."

~Jill M.

"I use this stuff everywhere! Love it!"

~Kelli L.

"Amazing turn around!! Excellent service."

~David S.

"I am a mother of 2 young children and I have always hated the harsh mainstream chemicals advertised to clean. The smells were overwhelming and gave me headaches. Not to mention the research I did on the products I was using was extremely harmful! My mother told me about NIXALL and bought me a gallon. Its a light, clean smell that doesn't give me a headache but the main benefit is the non harmful cleaning power of the product. Im hooked on it. I even make little hand sanitizer spray bottles and keep them in my car and bag. I am the biggest cheerleader for this product and tell everyone about it. Not only does it keep their homes clean but their body safe from other harmful cleaners! Thank you NIXALL."

~Kori C.

"Won a bottle of disinfectant at a cat show. Number one thing I love about it is that there is very little odor as I have bad allergies to scents. I recommend Nixall all the time to individuals and business owners alike."

~Anna B.

"Used it for two years and works great."

~Robert B.

"I have used Nixall for 2 years now, NOTHING works better to safely disinfectant! I use it in my bathrooms, kitchen sink, cutting boards, a spray-bottle to disinfect hands, on my pets, on my family, you name it. I recommend it to everyone. The best, bar none!"

~Melanie S.

"We use Nixall everyday in our stables for multiple things such as using the disinfectant to scrub water buckets."

~Shannon L., Head Trainer/Instructor at South Park Stables

"I have used this in the course of our moving and have found many uses for it. Not only did I use it to sanitize both houses (the one we left and the one we moved to) but I also used it to take the smell out of some towels that inadvertently sat wet for a few days during the move. It is great at removing unwanted smells too!"

~Jennifer W.

"This is a no brainer to not use a great product like this instead of the "toxic" junk that folks use when they think they are cleaning and disinfecting."

~Gail N.

"I love using this in my humidifiers because it keeps the air cleaner and I find I don't have to descale it as much either."

~Ashleigh W.

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