VetResponse® Eye & Ear Wash


Formulated for your animals eyes and ears.

Nothing is more annoying to your pet than itchy eyes or ears, and nothing is more delicate than the eyes and ears of your pet. Nixall® Eye & Ear Wash gently washes away dirt and debris. Soothing to your pets eye and relieves the symptoms of “Itchy.” The "No Sting" formula will make you a hero in your pet’s eyes, and it will remove tear stains too.

VETRESPONSE® line of products offers to you the pet lover and livestock owner, the most effective and affordable wound management product in the world. 

  • Flush away eye and ear pollutants
  • Remove tear stains
  • Helps accelerate healing process
  • Safe around nose and mouth
  • No sting or burn
  • 18-month shelf life

"My English Lop bunnies were having eye issues with the spring allergens. After one treatment, all bunnies' eyes looked better and were 'weeping' less. The bottle is easy to handle and the bunnies don't mind the treatment."

~Teresa A.

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