VetResponse® Multi-Purpose Spray


When Vets and Animal professionals have a choice, they choose Nixall®.

This product is designed for the rancher, farmer and farriers.  Hoof care requires special attention. Abscesses and cracked heels can lead to very serious problems if not attended to promptly. VetResponse® Multi-Purpose Spray is just what the doctor ordered. Veterinarians love Nixall® VetResponse® products for their versatility and effectiveness. Multi-Purpose Spray can also be used on the Umbilical site, teats, and udders. Large animals, just like pets, benefit from our no sting and non-irritating products; Nixall® VetResponse® gives you the ability to help your animals between visits to the Vet.

VETRESPONSE® Multi-Purpose is loved by veterinarians and the first choice for ranchers and farriers for hoof care! 

  • Wound care
  • Umbilical, teat and udder
  • Abscessed hooves and cracked heels
  • Helps accelerate the healing process
  • 18-month shelf life

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