VetResponse® Skin + Coat Grooming Solution


Spray - Massage - Repeat = LOVE Natuarlly formulated to deliver healthy shine to your dog, cat or horse’s coat

VETRESPONSE® Skin Coat Grooming Solution works to moisten the skin, maintaining a healthy and shiny coat for your cat, dog or equine animal. Used by Veterinarians and tagged as 'a groomer's best friend', VETRESPONSE® is not only safe and effective in making your furry friend look great, but it also removes odors on contact, leaving them smelling good too!

VETRESPONSE® Skin + Coat Grooming Solution:
  • Daily groomer for pet or horse
  • Great for itchy dry skin or coat
  • Ideal to use on dry patches
  • Moisturizes and softens skin
  • The choice product for dog, cat or horse groomers, and competitors in the show spotlight
  • Safe for all animals; even reptiles and birds
  • Soothes itchy, irritated skin and improves appearance of hair, and fur all in one step
  • Safe to use around the eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Safe if licked, and will not irritate wounds or sores
  • Does not contain bleach.
  • Removes odors such as feces and skunk odor

        Veterinarian Used and Veterinarian Recommended!
        Has a shelf life of 18 months
        100% money back guarantee

          “Our dog got sprayed by a skunk. We sprayed him down with Nixall® VetResponse® solution, and it removed the skunk odor so quickly, we could let him back in the house after 10 minutes”

          ~Vincent F.

          "This is a great product!! If you go to shows and stall your horses we never know who or what was there before us. We picked up a skin condition at a show in Tulsa. Nixall® VetResponse works super fast and we are showing within 2 weeks. Problem gone!! ! We have already placed another order! Thanks again!"

          ~Judy Ford/Ford Farms

          "We use Nixall all the time at our barn. We use the Nixall® Cleanser for stalls, and the Vet Response on the horses. It really is 'the bomb'! I even sprayed it on a stubborn manure stain, and it ran right off."

          ~Mike Munson Roger's Equestrian Center

          "I used the nixall skin coat grooming solution on my dog. It had a very strong smell the groomer couldn't even get out. I spayed It everyday for a week and smell is gone u can now pet the dog without your hand stinking. I now just use it once a week to maintain a stinky free dog. I highly recommend this if u have a smelly pet."

          ~Mandy S.

          "It works that's why! A must have! Try it and you will love it! I have 4 dogs and 3 cats. It's a wonderful product! Does wonders! Awesome, awesome, awesome!"

          ~Tina L.

          "Used the grooming solution on my horse with hives due to severe allergies, and loved it. Helped soothed his skin and keep the itch away."

          ~Samantha F.

          How to use Nixall® VETRESPONSE Skin + Coat Grooming Solution:

          • Bathe as normal.
          • Use VETRESPONSE Skin + Coat Grooming Solution in rinse water by mixing 1 part grooming solution to 4 parts water.
          • After the final rinse,  spray VETRESPONSE Skin + Coat grooming solution and rub into coat. This process will neutralize odor, and add a healthy shine, without using harmful deodorants or irritating perfumes.

          BETWEEN BATHS:
          • Use as a spray between bathes for those re-occurring dog odors or when unexpected guests show up who don’t love your pet as much as you do.  VETRESPONSE Skin + Coat Grooming Solution works FAST.
          • Spray regularly when grooming horses for healthy skin and shiny coat.
          • Spray on dry patches, or on itchy irritated spots to help soothe skin and keep your animals comfortable and happy.

          VETRESPONSE Grooming Solution will leave coat shiny, soft and hydrated. A safe and perfect grooming and hydrating solution for horses, dogs, cats....even birds.

            • Optimum healthy skin and coat
            • Soothes itching and scratching
            • Odor control (even removes skunk odor)
            • A daily hydration spray and moisturizer
            • A perfect add to bath or rinse water
            • Safe if licked by animal
            • Safe around eyes, nose, ears and mouth
            • Safe for the environment


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